Certain effects cannot always be created on-set during production. The alternative would be to utilise software and composite elements onto footage. BSTB Film can take your raw footage and composite these CGI element onto it. 


We provide numerous practical special effects on-set during production. Our blood hit effect uses compressed air to force fake blood through an opening in the actor's shirt. Without the danger of explosives, this is a safe alternative to traditional "Hollywood" squibs and looks equally authentic on screen.

Imitation Firearms (Gun Simulators) 


Due to budget/legal restrictions, some of our clients may be unable to hire Section 5 armourers or purchase realistic imitation firearms for use on set. As a registered company, concerned with the production of motion pictures, we have legal dispensation allowing us to manufacture, purchase and transfer Realistic Imitation Firearms. We have a number of replicas in stock including gas, blank fire and plug fire. 


With the line between film and digital media becoming more and more blurred, a lot of organisation have started to use computer generated images to enhance their video. Our experience with using modelling packages like Autodesk Maya allows us to create custom rendering and 3D content. It is also possible for us to optimise our 3D work so it can be used for real-time rendering in apps, Virtual Reality and games.